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Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen Cafe

 Oh YIPPEEE SKIPPEEEE! Been so busy catching up on real life [meaning less computer time] that I almost missed the news about Kim's newest inspiring adventure, TEXTURE TUESDAY! I'm also known to spend way too much time out of doors once Spring … Continue reading

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Happy Day of Love

 …thirty-seven years sharing this special day with my sweetie… …six of them while dating {{{high school sweethearts}}} However, Valentine's Day isn't just for sweethearts. It's a day to remember all those special people in our lives.  Blessed are the we who have … Continue reading

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What I wish…

Besides wishing that those weren't our vehicles sitting out on the driveway instead of inside our garage…  …especially since Atlanta just got clobbered with about five inches of snow…and intermittent periods of:  …with the potential for more on its way… Besides wishing … Continue reading

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Pink Roses

  Given to excessive quantities of "distractability" seems to be intrinsic in my nature… or wait… …maybe it's merely high levels of interest in a multitude of pursuits? …or a volatile mixture of both!!!…  No matter…either way, "focus" is a word I often have to remind {{{beg}}} myself to … Continue reading

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Textures: Free Images!

 Me bad…really, really, really bad. Sitting in my computer are too many half-composed posts, ephemera I want to post and share, unanswered emails, you name it. And if it's missing, it's probably in my computer. Sitting. Only so many hours … Continue reading

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I dare you…

 {{Laura at 52Flea interviewed a European artist here and when I read the words quoted above, they called to me…I loved those words…it's so easy in life to stay in our safe little comfort zones, but we all know that real … Continue reading

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  playing, playing, playing….  …dragging vintage dresses, a vintage hat, a rusty chair, and what not into the backyard to snap some photos…and then playing some more using my newest textures from Kim Klassen… …whoever invented digital cameras….i love you….i seriously love … Continue reading

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