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Treasures found…

Rarely does a day pass when I don’t venture into the out of doors. Soaking up some warm sunshine, and in season, gathering a few flowers and offerings of nature to bring indoors. We are blessed in Northern Georgia with a … Continue reading

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Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen Cafe

 Oh YIPPEEE SKIPPEEEE! Been so busy catching up on real life [meaning less computer time] that I almost missed the news about Kim's newest inspiring adventure, TEXTURE TUESDAY! I'm also known to spend way too much time out of doors once Spring … Continue reading

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A Chick Magnet

Besides loving their beautiful singing voices, watching the bird world can be quite amusing… and entertaining… and enlightening. Take this little guy for example:   he calls to them…  he watches to see if any will come…  a few do … Continue reading

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Doesn’t mean I respect it…

Have you seen this commercial?    I think its a riot! …and it also echoes the sentiments I felt upon seeing what looked like snow clouds in a recent sunset in the skies over Georgia…  Warm air and sunny skies…that's … Continue reading

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Autumn in the Mountains

   It just wouldn't seem like autumn without a family trip to the mountains. I should say family, plus friends, as we typically allow the kids to bring a few extra buddies along as well. While we had to send the kids home … Continue reading

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 My time in the mountains of western North Carolina was over before I could blink. But it is always time well spent. Lots of laughter, good food, beautiful scenery, drives through the countryside… …an hour or so walking through the shops…you … Continue reading

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Bird Watcher…or is it birds that watch?

Make no mistake, I am a bird watcher. bird listener. bird lover. But today, it was like nature in reverse.  The birds were watching us…for hours! There was a pack of birds that continued to lightly bounce off the windows, sit perched on the … Continue reading

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