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Even though… and a free texture!

 Even though it's freezing outside {i am not a fan of freezing} I will give thanks because I have a warm home to live in.  Even though my old computer with lots of photos i never backed up, and the only … Continue reading

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Textures: Free Images!

 Me bad…really, really, really bad. Sitting in my computer are too many half-composed posts, ephemera I want to post and share, unanswered emails, you name it. And if it's missing, it's probably in my computer. Sitting. Only so many hours … Continue reading

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Sharing some free images…

 There's been a lot of chatter going on in blogland about hoarding. No doubt it has become a topic of conversation due to the new TV show featured on the history channel. But seriously…it is causing me to take a … Continue reading

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Permission to play… {and free image, laptop repair…and…}

You gotta LOVE the bloggy world…I think….anyway….LOL! Whining about my "must do" lists was met with………….go play…go play……..only boring women live in immaculate houses…………..ha ha ha! So with your royal permission[s] {or is it a co-dependency, enabler kind of permission?!!! Naw…couldn't … Continue reading

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Online Photoshop Elements Course {& a free image!}

  My latest little play time creation in Photoshop Elements {PSE}… Long ago I purchased a very old children's picture book…a bit ratty, missing pages, but the lithographs that were left……just beautiful. Cropped it down to just the little yellow bird…{please feel … Continue reading

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Buying time… {Mentionable Giveaways & Free Image}

…does anybody know where I can buy more time? Oh, if only it were that easy. No doubt the line would be long and the scuffles in the store would make for some great comedy show episodes. Well, sometimes TIME … Continue reading

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!!!Winners of my Giveaway!!!

Wanted to do this post last evening but completely forgot about today being the first day of school. Seriously…way too early especially when all of nature screams: IT IS STILL SUMMER! Unfortunately, no one let's me choose when school starts … Continue reading

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