I dare you…

I dare you.. copy 
{{Laura at 52Flea interviewed a European artist here and when I read the words quoted above, they called to me…I loved those words…it's so easy in life to stay in our safe little comfort zones, but we all know that real growth comes when we step outside those carefully guarded perimeters of "safe"…}}

The little single pink rose was a summer gift that appeared on one of my rose bushes this summer. But learning how to glam up this photo was a direct result of learning a few of the basic manuevers in Photoshop Elements. Of course, I have to mention that there are also several layers of Kim's new magic pack textures applied to this photo as well…

Roses copy 
…her newest textures that I am totally in love with….

Copy of butterfly.jpg web resized 
"Technical" things like computers, sophisticated remote controls (!), blackberry's, elaborate software programs, etc. all give me major fits. I am not gifted at all in the world of technical. Photoshop Elements fell into this same category……….it was like reading Greek. And I don't read Greek. So if my latest posts are making me sound like a Kim Klassen groupie…..I only have this to say…..I admit it. I have become an avid fan……..she taught me the gift of using photoshop.

If I can learn PSE, anyone can…so when I read that Kim is offering a FREE Beginner's class to Photoshop, I had to share this information. And if you didn't already know it, Adobe also offers a FREE 30 day trial download to PSE. Check it out here.

One thing that I am pretty decent at though, is math. And free + free = FREE! So what do you have to lose?

I dare you……

xo, Sue


About Sue@MyArtsDesire

Married to my high school sweetie...mother to three children and two have flown the nest. Enjoy all things vintage, flowers/gardening, nature, photography, collecting, crafty-artsy pursuits, reading, fluffing our nest, traveling, laughing, sunshine, and people. And more. My Christian faith is the bedrock of my being.
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6 Responses to I dare you…

  1. Well, well, well Miss Sue! It is such a small world……blogger world that is! I had happened on Laura at 52Flea this morning and saw this sweet French gal Ange and her beautiful planks. Thanks for inspiring me to read about her at Inspiration Studio. Wow! I couldn’t agree with her more. Sweet little tapestry woven here today it seems…….and YES, I would like to accept that Dare! Only not in pant size please, but bigger than anything I could ask or imagine! Ephesians 3:20 is strong in my heart this week. How perfect your post falls on my heart! Beautiful weekend to you Sue!! Love!! XOXO

  2. Ohhhhh, Sue! Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!!! So romantic!!! Believe it or not, I signed up for Kim’s Beginner Class yesterday when I heard about it from Lynn! She’s been doing some amazing work with Kim’s textures too. I think I’m about to join the Kim groupies!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  3. Lynn says:

    You have used the Magic collection well my dear, your work is simply beautiful 🙂
    I love that quote too and it’s just what I needed to hear right now thank you for that.
    Hugs, Lynn

  4. Theresa says:

    Oh my, your photos are beautiful! I don’t have photo shop but these really make me want it! I love the quote too, it will be going up on our chalkboard for sure. Thanks, Theresa xoxo

  5. Autumn Clark says:

    So tempting, Sue! Love that quote too! These are beautiful images. I hope to see some of them appear in your collage soon!
    Autumn Clark

  6. I signed up!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!!!

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