Vintage dresses 004 copy 
Copy of vintage dresses 033 copy 
playing, playing, playing….

Vintage dresses 171 copy 
…dragging vintage dresses, a vintage hat, a rusty chair, and what not into the backyard to snap some photos…and then playing some more using my newest textures from Kim Klassen

…whoever invented digital cameras….i love you….i seriously love you…but i only wish this technology was available when my kiddies were wee ones…or i had been able to afford a better camera…

…but should i ever be so blessed to some day have little grand-babies, watch out!

… hopefully there will be a little granddaughter in the mix so i can dress her up in my stash of vintage dresses…or i guess a grandson with a good sense of humor {!} would work too….but come to think of it, way back when the little boys wore dresses all the time… 

Copy of vintage dresses 119 copy 
…meanwhile, i'm absolutely enjoying {obsessed} with learning to use Photoshop Elements…

Vintage dresses 077 copy 
112 version 2 
…but every now and then i wonder what the neighbors think as they see old dresses and rusty chairs set up in our backyard… oh well….

And as long as we're on the subject of photography, if you love beautiful photographs that inspire, you've got to visit ZuZu's {A Cottage in the Woods blog} newest Tumblr blog. I've been meaning to share this as it is that special… She did a post here, explaining the concept. Be prepared for some serious oohing, aahing, sighing, and inspiration…


About Sue@MyArtsDesire

Married to my high school sweetie...mother to three children and two have flown the nest. Enjoy all things vintage, flowers/gardening, nature, photography, collecting, crafty-artsy pursuits, reading, fluffing our nest, traveling, laughing, sunshine, and people. And more. My Christian faith is the bedrock of my being.
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9 Responses to

  1. Zuzu says:

    Oh Sue!!! These are gorgeous! Love your vignettes and the textures are yummy!
    And thank you for mentioning my latest love. 🙂
    Tumblr is soooo much fun. I’m so glad that you enjoy my pages!

  2. Autumn Clark says:

    Sue, these photos are all superb – I mean like something you’d see in a magazine! They look like an ad for something wonderful that you’d love to buy! I can see why you’re obsessing! LOL!
    Autumn Clark

  3. Sweet Sweet photos……..You amaze me! Inspire me! Oh golly, I have to laugh……..if your kids read this post Sue, you might not be allowed grandchildren in the art room dear……..specially the BOY ones!!
    Just Joshing you, as we day in Indiana:) XOXO!

  4. Karla Nathan says:

    What gorgeous editing! And a pretty arrangements too, not matter how it was edited, it wouldn’t look good with a poor subject to start with!

  5. Beverly says:

    That’s it, Sue. You are having too much fun, and I am definitely moving next door to you.
    You wouldn’t need to wonder what I thought about your arranging in the backyard because I would always want to be playing along with you.
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. Karla Nathan says:

    Sue, you are one of the winners of my flower guessing contest!

  7. Mrs. Magpie says:

    Sue, I don’t have to go to another blog to oooooh and aaaaaah and sigh. I can do that right here! WOW! Those are FABULOUS shots you did. I’m so proud of you. These are really, really GOOD!
    I have missed you. Mr. Magpie’s surgery went well (thanks for the prayers), but the recup took longer than anticipated. It’s been a crazy month, and I have chores backed up to Kingdom Come. BUT, I am going to ‘git ir done’ and hopefully be back blogging in a week or so.
    I am going back to go look at your photos again. You are good, girlfriend!
    Sheila 🙂

  8. Lynn says:

    WOW!!!!! Love your photographs and your use of the textures, I especially love the first photo with the hat on the chair, you are so inspiring Sue 🙂
    I don’t have any vintage clothing but I was thinking of getting my wedding dress out of it’s box to see what I could come up with, it could be vintage if it is 30 years old, could it? LOL

  9. Connie says:

    As I was looking at all of your posts I didn’t read while battling the crud, I stopped short at these gorgeous photos! You are a Kim Klassen groupie too! Love these textures!! I use some of her freebies but I can’t seem to unzip her zipped files (cuz I don’t know how!)so I hesitate to purchase any. The textures just add so much to my ho-hum photos! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep drooling over your pictures!
    I love a woman who takes the bull by the horn and gets want she wants! I hope you LOVE your new bedding!

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