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With a cherry on top…

Had such big plans to spend most of the day catching up on domestic chores. Started out well and then I made the mistake of hopping on the computer.  And playing with my photos. Watching a few more tutorials on Photoshop Elements… … Continue reading

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Recent finds…a fun giveaway…free images, and what not!

Whew! That's a lot for one title…buy hey, I'm trying to cover a lot of bases in one post. So many fun things going on in the blogosphere (and atmosphere). Here's another little treasure I dragged home from our recent … Continue reading

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Digital Collage and Free Images

Playing around in my photos again…I could get lost for hours manipulating photos. The inspiration began as I walked along the beach and spotted these sorts of shells everywhere. Don't they look like little wings? I thought so and decided to digitally … Continue reading

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Falling in love while on vacation…

I did. I freely admit it. I fell in love while on vacation. More than once…and many of them I dragged home with me. To live. Forever! The few who wouldn't fit in the car will be hitching a ride … Continue reading

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Lessons learned at the Beach

her:  please don't make me go home… him: her: are you listening? don't make me go home… narrator: "him" is laser-focused on computer screen.  scanning through business emails appearing as if holding his breath. "her" is standing on balcony gazing across the … Continue reading

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Ocean love…

If you're lucky enough to be at the beach YOU'RE LUCKY ENOUGH…….     Indeed, I am lucky enough… Equally thrilling was to find the beaches free from any signs of a massive oil spill. Once in a great while you might see a small tar … Continue reading

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Free birdie images and we’re off to the beach….

How did it get to be so late, so soon? The calendar indicates that tomorrow we leave for the beach. You know what that means…a million little details to attend to before heading out. Well, a million little details if … Continue reading

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