Where Bloggers Create, Part II

 Copy of studio tour 2 43oo1

I warned ya'll that there might be a few follow-ups to the original tour…was having voo-coo computer issues on my first attempt. Most of my computer issues tend to fall within the realm of  "not the brightest bulb when it comes to technical stuff"…{{{sigh}}}

Not sure about you, but I am in blog heaven bouncing around the list on Karen's blog visiting as many places as I can squeeze in here and there. Going down the list from A-Z was getting boring so in order to mix it up, I copied and pasted the list to a Word document and printed a hard copy. As I visit each blog I place a little check beside the name. It's also a great way to make notes to myself so that I can easily go back and find some of the inspiration I would like to follow up on at a later time!

Copy of studio tour 2 649

But over and over again, I am struck by how many creative souls there are scattered throughout this huge world. So many unique expressions of who we are…

   a variety of styles

a wide assortment of creative pursuits

more hoarders {{{ha ha}}} than I dare to count


There's a growing list of blogs I'm adding to my google reader. Not sure how long, if ever it would have taken me to stumble upon them on my own. I even enjoy following blogs of people who create or pursue interests I might not necessarily ever pursue. But I appreciate the beauty of what they create, or the warmth, or humor, or wisdom that oozes from their posts.

Copy of studio tour post 161

Copy of studio tour post 164

 But the one common thread I see over and over again, are the kind hearts living out there in blogland. Hearts that love, nurture, and cherish their family and friends. Hearts that have an instinctive need to express and exercise their creativity in a multitude of ways. I like to think of them as the treasured souls who add color, music, depth, and more sunshine to this world!  

Copy of studio tour 2 124
Final version 0100
Before I head out as my MUST DO LIST {think: once on to do list but got ignored} is demanding attention, I wanted to mention the paint color on my studio walls as I've had quite a few requests asking for the color. It is a Behr paint {carried by Home Depot} and the color name is Valley Mist 460E-2…mine is in the eggshell finish. Had never worked with this brand of paint before but was very happy with it's quality. 

Looking forward to meeting more of you through your blogs as well as continue to see what other bloggie friends I've been following for some time are up to these days.

Xo, Sue


About Sue@MyArtsDesire

Married to my high school sweetie...mother to three children and two have flown the nest. Enjoy all things vintage, flowers/gardening, nature, photography, collecting, crafty-artsy pursuits, reading, fluffing our nest, traveling, laughing, sunshine, and people. And more. My Christian faith is the bedrock of my being.
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11 Responses to Where Bloggers Create, Part II

  1. There’s sure to be a run on Behr’s pretty paint, Sue! Your studio is such a pretty space to work in. How do you ever manage to get anything accomplished!?!
    I wholeheartedly agree . . . it’s amazing to see and visit the amazing variety of blogs and wonderful hearts out in blogland. So much to see, learn, share and enjoy! Have a super wonderful day! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. oxana says:

    SUCH a wonderful blog!!!!! And your studio is amazing!!!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Sue!
    I am agog at the beauty of your studio (Tours 1 and 2!) with treasures too numerous to even count. But the writer in me is even more moved by the lovely things you have to say about your fellow bloggers: the common thread of hearts that love, nurture and cherish, and who add depth, colour and sunshine to the world. That’s just a wonderful thing to say! If we are all ‘treasured souls’ it is because of incredibly caring people like you. The emotion you put into your blog far outshines any of your beautiful things.
    I am so pleased to be included in your generous company…

  4. Sheila says:

    I adore that paint as you know, Sue, and loved seeing more pics of your space. So neat!
    Sheila 🙂

  5. ~*~Patty says:

    Hard to get enough of seeing your gorgeous surroundings Sue, so very lovely in every detail!
    Love what you said about creative souls all over the globe … blogging is a beautiful bridge that connects us all, isn’t it!
    I’m going back for more peeks and your Valley Mist walls are just perfect!

  6. cathy says:

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your kind note you left on my blog and yes, I am having a wonderful adventure. I too printed the blog list an am checking off as I bounce around. Your space is wonderful especially the dress form! And like lynette said it is your writing that is so special. I will be visiting you again!
    Cheers from Brussels – Cathy

  7. debi says:

    I’m loving getting to see more of your dreamy studio! Bring on the photos!

  8. Terri G. says:

    No way…that’s all yours…Wow ..now that some space to create in…TFS!

  9. Theresa says:

    I am still getting through the list, there are just sooooo many fabulous spaces out there to ogle over! Your space is definitely one of them, just so beautiful! It looks like an amazing place to create. I actually started with your post about the baby pics, thank you for sharing, I will be using that sweet image for sure. There is just so much to look at in your photos, I really need to go back in for a closer look… the dress form as an inspiration board of sorts is fabulous! Thanks for the tours, Theresa

  10. Your whimsical space make me smile. Thank you very much! I got my studio up and running just a few days ago and made my first project today. Your space has so many ideas I’d like to try, but first I want to look at the rest of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  11. marnie says:

    What a bright and pretty space! So many goodies to enjoy – especially all those cool license plates, game pieces, and yummy flowers. With a studio like yours, you must be inspired all the time. 😀

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