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More Freestyle Embroidery…

   Not sure how the idea popped into my head, or somedays if there's even much working up there in my head {please say you can relate} but I decided to cut one of my vintage feathered friends in two and carefully … Continue reading

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The Lenten Rose

 The Lenten Rose. What an undemanding little beauty who will readily adapt to drought conditions, too much rain, thrives in the shade, loves the cold, and is a perennial to boot. In reality, it is a member of the the … Continue reading

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Goodwill Shopping

    …I had no intentions of going thrift store shopping…not even an inkling to do so…I promise. But when I arrived at my original destination that morning, the store didn't open until 10. For some reason I could have sworn it was 9. Forced … Continue reading

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Freestyle Embroidery

A work in progress…. Still stitching away on my freestyle sampler from an online class I'm taking from this person. Still not too late to take the class! You can join at any time since it's a work at your … Continue reading

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touch someone…

 I stand in awe of those who seem to be able to create one wonderful piece of art after another. And if that isn't enough, they actually POST these creations to their blog for the rest of us to enjoy! One such … Continue reading

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Junk or treasures?

Someone in my family who shall remain nameless recently came upon this "photo shoot" sitting on the kitchen counter. As I busily scurry about putting the final touches on our dinner I see this puzzled look on his face. I offer up, "Aren't … Continue reading

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A Winter’s Day…and Free Images!

I don't think of all the misery but of all the beauty that remains. ~anne frank OKAY. There is a certain beauty to it. But it's making me miserable. There. I said it. I am so done with winter. Trick … Continue reading

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